Coaching Services

Stress Management

Emotional Balance and Regulation

Grief Recovery




Mindful Preparation

Mindful preparation makes managing pain more effective, and and can prevent or reduce suffering.

Mindful Living

Experience and use the present constructively.


Happiness is a choice once we can access it.

Managing Emotions

Develop more appropriate, effective reactions that are proportionate to the situation to reduce your pain and suffering.



Observing our world can make it seem much less frightening to us.


Welcome to The Masterful You! If you are here, you are enthusiastic, committed, excited, and on the edge of your seat to change your life. You're not here as something you hope to fit it to your busy schedule. You're here because you enjoy the process of feeling well mentally and emotionally. You're ready to live the techniques in your day to day life, as opposed to having to set side time to doing "homework."

You are not just willing. You are seeking, hungry, and eager to see how employing mindfulness and emotional balance exercises can change your life. 

We don't discuss your issues as much as we build a custom plan around them that works for you. We discuss what brings you to coaching as a foundation for change. Since this is not therapy, we don't delve into them specifically. We change your brain's perception of them.


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