Jennifer Mandel

The Masterful You...When Positive Thinking Isn't Enough


‚ÄčWelcome to The Masterful You! Working with a personal life coach can help you push past whatever is limiting you. I will present techniques to help you guide and therefore control your own mind. This type of coaching steers away from the "why," and focuses on the "how to." It does not force positive thinking or affirmations that are not helpful if that is not what we respond best to.

This type of coaching is based in observation, rather than being the recipient of limitations and discomfort. It is a natural pre-requisite to the art of positive thinking. By having the ability to control our emotional experiences, positive thinking can be most naturally attained.

The idea is for our minds to naturally respond differently to life's challenges, upsets, road blocks and derailments. It is based on the concepts and principles of mindfulness, where we work with the present conditions, rather than trying to rationalize them away.

We will build a custom plan around your issues that works for you. There are many techniques, and they are updated regularly. This is because as our minds evolve, we are ready for the next level of exercises. 

These techniques can be applied to any life issue, which means not having to reinvent the wheel every time something comes up.

For more on what areas coaching with me can be applied to, please see the 
focus areas page. 

‚ÄčThere is very little we cannot have in life if we can access the necessary emotional mindset to take action! Contact me today!

Jennifer Mandel, Certified Life Coach