Person Centered Coaching For Emotional Wellness

Mindful Living

Learn to experience and use the present constructively, without pushing away or avoiding the past or future.


.....before reaction. We want to know what it is we are reacting to and try to match its intensity to the situation.​ A positive interruption can offset a negative reaction.

Managing Emotions

Develop more appropriate, effective reactions that are proportionate to the situation to reduce your pain and suffering.

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We want to catch any dis-regulation before it becomes unmanageable or unbearable. Learn how to soothe when you're not dis-regulated to prepare for those times you are.

Use of Semantics

Word choice is everything! We can alter our emotional responses by choosing language that validates exactly what we are feeling and how we would like to feel. One word can make a difference.


They say happiness is a choice. I believe happiness is a choice once it's able to be accessed. We must in a healthy state of mind to be able to experience happiness.

Managing Stress ​

Managing stress doesn't necessarily mean our stress will disappear. It means that if we manage it effectively, it won't consume us and drain us of our ability to live happily in other areas.


Change your brain and change your life. When the parts of the brain responsible for emotion are out of whack, there are techniques to heal those parts of the brain that are causing us pain. 

Mindful Preparation

Anything can happen to anyone at anytime. Having preparedness in our tool kit makes managing pain more effective, and and can prevent or reduce suffering.